Avast! Ahoy mi hearties! Batten down the hatches! Thar be a new website brewing on the horizon. Ok, Ok, enough with the pirate speak. Time for an announcement! After years of slacking off we’ve finally launched a new and improved www.jayclue.com for your viewing pleasure!

The new site is my attempt at unifying the various facets that make up Jay Clue under one single roof. It wraps graphic & web design, scuba diving, photography, artworks, travel, and much more into a nice little package. As well as this fancy new news section to keep you up to date on what’s going on in my world. It’s like Christmas — minus the jolly, white bearded fat guy that sneaks down your chimney once a year to steal your cookies.

Take a look around the site and let me know what you think. We have more sections like research and publications coming soon, as well as more design and photography. So definitely check back soon and link up with us on Facebook to get the latest updates.

Much love ninjas!