Diving with the Mobula rays of Baja California Sur Mexico with Dive Ninja Expeditions and Jay Clue

Currently Under Renovation 

Welcome to the digital residence of everyone’s favorite toaster loving ninja. There have been many terms used over the years to describe Jay Clue. Each moniker dependent on which aspect of life you may have met him in. Photographer, Graphic Designer, Artist, Teacher, Researcher, Scuba Instructor, Conservationist, nerd, part-time superhero, that guy who talks about donuts way too often, and so many more. It has been a long 6 years since the initial release of this website, and the story of Jay Clue has been constantly ever evolving since. We are currently working on a new website that encapsulates this evolution. The new site will be released in the coming weeks but in the meantime you should check out his work with Dive Ninja Expeditions as well as follow his current adventures & projects on Instagram. For collaborations, project proposals, photo licensing, or brand ambassadorship opportunities please contact Jay directly by clicking here.