Long ago in the age of darkness before the Great Awakening (also known as dial-up internet) it is said that a ninja was born. The old ones say that his arrival was heralded by thunder and the night sky was set ablaze with lighting. Of course it’s equally possible there was just a rainstorm that night… ok, moving on.

The child’s parents had migrated with one of that era’s great motorcycle caravans to the settlement of New Jersey, known for it’s peculiar natural inhabitants who would cover their faces in an orange pigment and style their hair straight up towards the heavens in order to attract a mate.

Many of the settlers began to adopt these trends themselves, but the young ninja was fated for a different life.

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Now where did we leave off? Ah, yes… Knowing the newborn child was destined for great things, his parents gave him a wanderer’s name, Jay Clue – a name roughly translated in the old tongue as, “Jay Clue”. And so the legend was born.

Early in his education Clue was drawn to visual art and so pursued this subject with vigor, attending schools on two continents. Clue first enrolled in New York’s FIT and spent a few years working in the men’s fashion industry designing with brands such as DKNY. Next he traveled south to Miami where he earned his BFA in Graphic Design at the Art Institute before moving on to the United Kingdom and the prestigious, London College of Communication, to earn his MA. Currently Clue is pursuing a PhD from Central St. Martin’s.

In the years during and after his formal education Clue would indeed make his mark, and not just for his love of delicious confections. He spent time working for major ad agencies where wasn’t long before he was running his own studio. He’s been able to work with some of the most well-known and respected figures in the industry, travelling from the US to Europe and winning awards and accolades of his own along the way.

Clue had come to embody the role of digital nomad and it was around this time that he discovered the thing that would tie it all together and allow him to explore the world while afording him the time to express his love of art and design.

So what was this serendipitous pursuit that so empowered our young ninja? An artisanal donut workshop, perhaps? Good guess, but no. Clue learned how to breathe underwater.

From his very first bubbly breaths Clue knew that Scuba was the missing piece. He dived in headfirst and went as deep into the various disciplines and specialties of the sport as he could (see what I did there?) Before long our now-aquatic ninja had become an accomplished technical diver and technical diving instructor, as well as an IDC Staff Instructor, a full cave diver, and a strong proponent of sidemount diving.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, brings us to the present. These days Jay Clue is living in the Los Cabos area diving, teaching, and volunteering with various Marine Conservation projects (mostly those involving sharks or sea turtles because sharks and sea turtles are awesome.)

When on dry land Clue is still in full pursuit of his life’s other great passions, art and design. He’s managed to stay well submerged in the contemporary street art and graffiti movements and still works regularly as a freelance designer and consultant.

So what’s next for Clue? Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain; as he rides off into the sunset at the helm of his mighty Big Wheels, the road ahead will lead straight to adventure (or at least the local donut shop).

—The End—
(for now…)


W3 Silver Award
Davia Award
Webby Award
Top 5 Event Graphic Designers

(4 years in a row)
Best Emerging Artist
1st Place Hard Rock SuperBowl Pin Contest
Best Conceptual Portfolio
Best Toaster Drawer Person
(According to a little kid named John – but hey it still counts right?)


MTV, L’Oreal, Rolling Stone, Time Magazine,
RUN DMC, Heineken, Camel, NY Jets, Slipknot,
Professional Bull Riders, Ultra Music Festival,
The Bill Clinton Foundation, Merck,
Big Dub Festival, Boy Scouts of America,
Smart Balance, Arkansas Earth Day,
Glaxo Smith Kline, National MS Society,
and many more…


BA Graphic Design w/ Honors & Distinction
MA Graphic Design w/ Honors & Distinction
MPhil/PhD Public Arts & Community Development (In Progress)
IDC Staff Instructor
Tech Deep Instructor
Instructor of 15+ Specialty Courses
Full Cave Diver
Tec Trimix Diver