Who is Jay Clue?

“Long ago in the age of darkness before the Great Awakening (also known as dial-up internet) it is said that a ninja was born. The old ones say that his arrival was heralded by thunder and the night sky was set ablaze with lighting. Of course it’s equally possible there was just a rainstorm that night… ok, moving on.”

“The child’s parents had migrated with one of that era’s great motorcycle caravans to the settlement of New Jersey, known for it’s peculiar natural inhabitants who would cover their faces in an orange pigment and style their hair straight up towards the heavens in order to attract a mate. Many of the settlers began to adopt these trends themselves, but the young ninja was fated for a different life…” —Julian Black

Jay Clue is an award-winning photographer, educator, and conservationist who uses captivating photography and passionate storytelling to inspire people around the world to take action and protect the natural beauty of our planet. Jay’s love of oceanic predators & marine megafauna has led to him creating courses on whale conservation, apex predators, devil rays and sustainable tourism, as well as authoring numerous articles for magazines such as Oceanographic, Saving Earth, Dive Travel Adventures and more.

During Jay’s tenure working professionally as a photographer & cinematographer, his photos have appeared across a multitude of both print and digital platforms, including National Geographic, Newsweek, Scuba Diving Magazine, and many more. His work spans from underwater to aerial, wildlife, astro, adventure, lifestyle, and conservation photography. When not shooting commercial projects, he teaches photography workshops and leads specialized ocean wildlife encounters worldwide. 

As a diver, he holds both PADI Master Instructor and Tec Trimix Instructor ratings, as well as over 40 other instructor-level certifications with PADI, SDI and TDI. His recent instructional focuses have been on creating the conservation & sustainable tourism-focused Divemaster and Instructor Development programs for Dive Ninja Expeditions in Cabo San Lucas. Scroll down to learn more about Jay Clue’s ambassadorships, accreditations, and accolades.

Conservationist, Jay Clue. Photo by Shawn Heinrichs

Jay’s Shots Have
Appeared in:

National Geographic
Lonely Planet
Nat Geo Traveller
Sony Alpha Universe
Scuba Diving Magazine
Digital Camera World
Hemispheres Magazine
Sport Diver Magazine
Oceanographic Magazine
Marie Claire
Yahoo News
Dive Travel Adventures
Saving Earth Magazine
Dive Photo Guide
Deeper Blue
ECNS (China News Service)
Tourism Unlimited
and many more!

Brands Utilizing
Jay’s Photography:

Sony Alpha
US National Marine Sanctuaries
NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration)
United Airlines
Wizz Air
PADI AWARE Foundation
Wakaya Private Island Resort
Six Senses Resorts
Costa Sunglasses
Manta Trust
Shark Angels
Slik Tripods
Hoya Filters
Mexican National Lottery
Girls That Scuba
Visit Los Cabos
Fiji Tourism
Visit Baja Sur
Visit Mexico
Visit the Bahamas
and many more!

Partners &

PADI, Torchbearer
Only One, Ambassador
Sony, Alpha Pro
Ocean Culture Life, Storyteller
Mares Mexicanos, Associate Photographer
Backscatter, Ambassador
Atlas Packs, Pro Team
Think Tank, Affiliate
22 Degrees, Ambassador
Nakawe Project, Closed Hook Ambassador


Ongoing Projects with:
US National Marine Sanctuaries
Scuba Diving Magazine
Project AWARE

Sharks 4 Kids
Visit Los Cabos
Shark Angels
Mobula Conservation Project
CONANP (Mexican National Parks)
Girls That Scuba



PADI Master Instructor
PADI Tec Trimix Instructor
TDI Tec Instructor
TDI Full Cave Diver
TDI O2ptima CM CCR Decompression Diver
MPhil/PhD Public Arts & Community Development
MA Design Research 
w/ Honors & Distinction
…and about 50+ other certifications, accreditations & diplomas.