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Below, you will find a small collection of articles Jay Clue authored, as well as interviews with him, guest speaker presentations he has given, and other media he has appeared in. Please keep in mind this is just a selection of content and not a complete list. Many guest-speaking events and articles that include Jay are not noted here. To book Jay for a guest speaking engagement/event or for interviews, press & media inquiries, please click here to contact him.

Atlantic spotted dolphins in Bimini. Photo by Jay Clue

Jay’s Shots Have
Appeared in:

National Geographic
Lonely Planet
Nat Geo Traveller
Scuba Diving Magazine
Hemispheres Magazine
Sport Diver Magazine
Oceanographic Magazine
US National Marine Sanctuaries
Sony Alpha Universe
Dive Travel Adventures
Costa Sunglasses
Marie Claire
Saving Earth Magazine
Yahoo News
Project AWARE
Dive Photo Guide
Deeper Blue
ECNS (China News Service)
Tourism Unlimited
Shearwater Research
Girls That Scuba
Visit Los Cabos
Fiji Tourism
Visit Baja Sur
Visit Mexico
Explore Canada
Visit the Bahamas
and many more!

Articles, Talks, & Interviews

The items marked in magenta are pieces Jay has personally written.  The rest of the articles have been written by some of the awesome authors he’s had the chance to work with. To book Jay for a guest speaking engagement/event or for interviews, press & media inquiries, please click here to contact him.

Scuba Diving Mag:
Ask a Pro Photographer [Monthly Column]

Sony Alpha Universe:
What’s In My Bag

Dive Travel Adventures: 
Mexico’s Treasured Islands

Only One:
Exploring Baja Mexico [Presentation]

Scuba Diving Magazine:
Rebreathers 101

PADI + Green Fins DEMA 2023:
Human Effects of Sustainable Tourism [Presentation]

Dive Photo Guide:
Destination Portfolio: Bimini Dolphins

Scuba Diving Magazine:
Mexico’s Secret Sardine Run

DEMA 2022:
Sustainable Ocean Tourism [Presentation]

Dive Photo Guide:
2021 Best of Photographer of the Week

Scuba Diving Magazine:
My Journey Into Diving CCR

PADI Blog:
100% Whale Defender

Sharks 4 Kids:
Meet Jay Clue Interview

Saving Earth Magazine:
Sharks: From Predator to Prey

Dive Travel Adventures:
The Kingdom of Giants

Protecting Baja’s Devils

Diving with Jay Clue

Dive Photo Guide:
Photographer of the Week

2020 Photo of the Year 

Chasing Lighning

Dive Travel Adventures:
Wonders of the Ocean

Saving Earth Magazine:
Sustainable Approaches to Tourism

Diver Bliss:
Courses for Divers Who Love Marine Life

Ocean Stories Episode 32:
Mysteries of the Megalodon [Presentation w/ Dr Frida Lara]

Ocean Stories Episode 19:
A Dive Ninja Story [Presentation]

Ocean Culture Life:
Jay Clue Interview 

Exploring Baja’s Mobula Rays

Oceanographic Magazine:
Behind The Lens Quick Fire [Interview]

Nakawe Project Marlin Week:
Using Tourism to Help Protect Species [Presentation]

Exploring The Mexican Sardine Run

Los Cabos VIP Summit:
The Aquarium of the World [Presentation]

Tanked Up Magazine:
Exploring The World’s Aquarium

Experiences You Should Have:
Socorro Island Diving [Podcast]

Environment 911:
Cleaning up the Sea of Cortez

Experiences You Should Have:
Flying Rays of the Sea of Cortez [Podcast]

Scuba Diving Magazine:
Furthering Conservation with Tourism

Ocean Art:
2019 Ocean Art Contest Winners

Scuba Diving Magazine:
Baja’s Mobula Rays

Sustainable Ocean Alliance:
Blue Initiatives Conference [Presentation]

Scuba Diving Magazine:
I Love Shallow Water Diving

13 Trips to Fuel Your Passion

Insider Divers:
Exploring Mexico’s Baja Peninsula [Presentation]

Oceanographic Magazine:
My Ocean – Shots of the Month