I find it almost crazy that you can just push a button and stop time. Pausing life for a moment to investigate or replay just a single moment, or even a fraction of a moment. In the past couple years photography has gone from just pushing buttons to a full blown passion for me. I feel that it is such a powerful tool for conservation, especially when combined with today’s media platforms. You can capture jaw dropping encounters and bring the beauty and mystique of our oceans to humans that have never had the chance to even glance across the ocean. To me, that power is almost surreal. Not only can we bring a voice to those who can not speak for themselves, but it means we can inspire even those living the furthest from the ocean to fall in love with it, and all of its beautiful inhabitants too.

Jay is a full time professional photographer & cinematographer. He is available to hire for commercial photo or film shoots in Baja or any where around the world. To date he has worked on projects in over 30 countries across the globe for a variety of magazines, brands, and media outlets. For information on his current availability, rates, partnerships, or to pitch a project please send a message here.

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It’s been an incredible couple weeks shooting in Egypt! Yesterday I experienced one of the most beautiful dives I have ever seen. A cavern system filled with fish cutting through an offshore reef that looked like you were about to enter the Avatar film. Plus light rays dancing through the water as reef shark pups patrolled the corridors. I can’t even begin to put to words how beautiful this spot was. 🤯

Massive thank you to the @paditv brand team and @redsea.divingsafari for putting together such a great project! Can’t wait until you ninjas can see all shots we’ve been getting. But first, now it’s time to sort through the thousands of shots and videos on the flight home. Stay tuned!

Shot on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 with a FE 28-60mm f4 lens using the mind blowing optics of @nauticamhousings WACP-1. Captured at f6.3, 1/250, ISO 1250 using natural light.

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Next week marks another lap around the sun for me. It’s had me thinking a lot lately about which direction I should take next in this crazy journey we call life. But also recollecting on the past years. Like encountering these 2 friends in Bimini last June. There’s something really special about spending time with wild dolphins in the natural environment.

If you look beyond the initial wow factor you begin to notice all the small things like how the physically interact differently with each other. You start to see how they build & maintain friendships and relationships with one another. Next time you encounter any animal in the wild, try to stop for a moment and look at the details. Even if it’s just the bird that visits your window. I promise you won’t regret it.

Captured on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 using a 16-35mm f2.8 GM lens in a @nauticamhousings using natural light at 35mm, f9, 1/320s, ISO 320

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Good morning sleepyhead 🥱

As I laid floating at the surface, just below me are 3 sperm whales peacefully sleeping. Then one began to move, twisting slowly, waking up as if doing a morning yawn and stretch. She must have caught a glimpse of me as she paused to look up. Then it was as if time slowed to halt as she curiously began to very slowly float up to the surface for a closer inspection. After a brief moment eye to eye, she swam back down to her 2 friends that were still sound asleep below us and began to rub against them one by one waking them. Watching 3 massive sperm whales slowly wake up might just be one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever witnessed in nature.

Photo captured with special permit from the government of Dominica.

Shot on the @sonyalpha A7R IV using the @sigmaphoto 15mm fisheye in a @nauticamhousings

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This is probably one of the sweetest moments I’ve ever captured. A few weeks ago on a beautiful morning in Revillagigedo we were at the Boiler having an insane dive with mantas and dolphins. Out of the corner of my eye I notice Katie & Ryan heading up to their safety stop above us just as this giant black manta ray gracefully turns in their direction. I quickly shut off my strobes, and changed aperture rushing to snap this shot just as they took each others hands and looked up towards the manta - reflecting the morning sunlight off their masks.

I can’t think of a sweeter memory than sharing such a special encounter with someone you love. Happy Valentines Day ninjas! Forget all the holiday marketing this week, and just take a moment to let those close to you know just how special they are. Much love fam!

Captured on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 with the Sony 16-35mm G Master in a @nauticamhousings using natural light at 26mm, f16, 1/250s, ISO640.

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Known as the ‘Dark Knight of the Ocean’ for their night patrolling behaviors, these Oceanic White Tip Sharks once ruled over the seas. The Natural History of Sharks notes they were once “possibly the most abundant large animal…on the face of the Earth.” They have long had a powerful impact on the minds of sailors, and even the great Jacques Cousteau himself. Stories of them can be found dating back over a thousand years - including being known as sea dogs because of how they would follow ships across the sea.

Yet today they are classified as critically endangered - with their populations plummeting over 70% from 1969 through 2003. It’s heartbreaking to think that some day these beautiful knights may no longer patrol our open oceans.

Join me this April for an epic adventure to encounter the critically endangered oceanic white tip sharks that watch over the deep blue waters off Cat Island. Check the link in my bio for more details.

Shot on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 in a @nauticamhousings at f8, 1/250s, iso100 using @seaandseaimaging YSD3 strobes.

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As the aurora dances across the sky of the Northwest Territories it seems to beckon you to follow.

This night is one of my all time favorite memories. Chasing the northern lights across the outskirts of Yellowknife with my good friends @stanmoniz and @lindsayvician watching as the sky just ignites in waves of green, yellow and purple. As it started to fire, we quickly jumped out of the car and grabbed this shot of Stan in awe as the Aurora danced across the sky.

Captured on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 using the Sony 24-70mm f2.8 G Master II lens mounted on the @sliktripods Pro CF-834 at f2.8, 10s, ISO 800. Massive thanks to @spectacularnwt for their help and support!

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Completely surrounded by a school of hammerheads in the Revillagigedo. Such a surreal experience and Definitely my favorite moment from last weeks Socorro trip with @diveninjas and @girlsthatscuba

Shot in 8k using natural light at 25 meters underwater on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 using @nauticamhousings

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Just getting back on land from guest hosting an awesome trip to Socorro & the Revillagigedo Archipelago for @diveninjas and @girlsthatscuba All I can say is WOW! We had so many unreal encounters this trip!

From spending over 30 minutes eye to eye with a curious, massive black manta ray while 6 other mantas circled around us; to seeing tiger sharks, playful dolphins, schools of hammerheads, massive tuna, and so much more! But the incredible energy of our guests made the trip so special. I swear the animals out there can feel it when our groups have great energy!

Heading back out tonight with the second trip and can’t wait to see what the ocean brings us! Will be back in a week with lots of proper highlights and stories to share! Miss ya ninjas! See ya in a week!

Captured at f9, 1/250s, ISO 640 at 16mm on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 using the Sony FE 16-35mm G Master lens in a @nauticamhousings with @seaandseaimaging YS-D3 Lightning Strobes.

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Pretty much everyone’s face this week when I told them I’m going to be offline in Socorro for 2 weeks 😅

Just finished packing and it’s time to go! I’m heading off to lead the @diveninjas & @girlsthatscuba Socorro New Years trips! Hope you all have an amazing week and I look forward to catching up with yas when I’m back! Try not to miss me touch 🥹

Shot at 1/250, F10, iso 200 at 35mm using my favorite camera, the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 with a 16-35mm f2.8 G Master lens in a @nauticamhousings and @seaandseaimaging YS-D3 strobes

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Rocking into 2023 with the squad ...

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That’s a wrap! Happy New Years Ninjas! Can’t wait to see what adventures 2023 brings.

Massive shout out and thanks to @sonyalpha , @nauticamhousings @apeksdiving @scubadotcom and @sliktripods for helping keep my gear adventure ready to get these shots.

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Only 1 more week until I get to head back to one of my most favorite places on earth - the Revillagigedo Archipelago 🤯

Can’t think of a better way to kick off 2023! How are you celebrating the new year?

Shot at f8, 1/200, iso640 on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 using the 16-35mm f4 lens in a @nauticamhousings with @seaandseaimaging YS-D3 Lightning strobes.

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Am I the only one that feels Great Hammerheads seem like mythical creatures you’d find in a fairy tale?

I think I could spend weeks just photographing them. They’re such majestic and powerful creatures, yet have this kawaii cuteness to them. Seems funny to say about an apex predator that grows upwards of 5 meters (15ft) long. 😅

Shot at f8, 1/250s, ISO 125 on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 with Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM lens in a @nauticamhousings

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Scored my new fav tiger shark photo this week!. What do you think?

I love trying to find new dynamic angles and perspectives when photographing wildlife. Trying to break away from always having to focus on the eyes and face and experiment with different ideas. With this shot, Joker (the aptly named tiger shark), came just over my head so I quickly turned and dropped low to capture her swimming off from below.

Captured at 1/400s, f8, iso 320 using natural light on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 in a @nauticamhousings with some awesome dive gear from @scubadotcom

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Little sneak peek from yesterday 🤫 Who knows what species of shark this is? Give you a hint, they’re my favorite shark.

Shot at f11, 1/320s, ISO 320 on the @sonyalpha Alpha 1 using the Sony 16-35mm f2.8 GM lens in a @nauticamhousings with 2 @seaandseaimaging YS-D3 Lightning strobes.

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All set and ready to head back to Bimini with @diveninjas for another epic week with these beautiful finned ladies and the awesome ninjas at @biminisharklab Last year we ticked off 7 shark species in just one week! Including the cutest little baby lemons I’ve ever seen. Plus we learned so much from the ninjas at Shark Lab! Can’t wait to see what this week brings. 🦈 🦈 ...

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Happy Monday ninjas! Who got in the water this weekend? What did you see? I’ve sadly been drying off the gills for the past couple weeks, but excited to finally be getting back in the water tomorrow! ...

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Little sneak peek from the last days as we wrap up this year’s Above & Below Photography Workshop in La Paz. It’s been such an incredible week with really awesome humans. This photo was shot just before a massive school of sardines rushed over us and blocked out the sun. I’ve always loved diving with big schools of fish. Watching them move through the water in unison as one is just hypnotizing. Small fish, like sardines, are especially beautiful as they look almost like shards of liquid metal melting into different shapes.

Can’t wait for next year’s La Paz workshop. Tickets go on sale tomorrow!

Shot at 1/320, f18, iso 640 on the @sonyalpha a1 using their 16-35mm f2.8 GM lens in @nauticamhousings with 2 @seaandseaimaging YS-D3 Lightning strobes.

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Getting ready to teach an underwater model photography workshop this afternoon at Above & Below: La Paz! This shot of @anaposada25 is from last years session. Can’t wait to see what we create today! Want to learn some tips for planning & shooting underwater modeling? Check out the latest article on my blog with tips and a little behind the scenes look at how we did the Halloween photoshoot in Cabo.

Shot using natural light on the @sonyalpha a7R IV in a @nauticamhousings

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Coming in hot! Amped to be back in La Paz this weekend to host this years Above & Below: La Paz Photography Workshop with the legend, @stanmoniz It’s been a mental busy past few weeks but finally back online and have lots of awesome news and cool projects in the works to share with you. Plus want to send a big shout out to everyone that came to see me speak at the different DEMA talks & workshops! Thanks for all the love and support ninjas! You rock.

Shot on the @sonyalpha a7R IV using a @sigmaphoto 15mm FE lens in a @nauticamhousings at f11, 1/200, ISO 160

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