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What Camera Gear Am I Using Right Now?

I get asked this question all the time, so I thought it would be great to have a little resource I can direct people to with links to all the gear and load outs I use for different types of photography. I update this page all the time, so you can check out what I’m currently using so def check back. Below you will find a list of my current rigs for underwater photography, topside wildlife photography, astro photography, and drone photography. If you’re looking to purchase gear I highly recommend checking out Adorama and Backscatter. They are my go to providers and are both amazing. You can also call Backscatter and tell them Jay Clue sent you, and their team will happily help build a personalized rig just for you. Just make sure to tell them Jay Clue sent you. Or if you are joining one of my expeditions, courses or workshops give me a shout and I’ll happily help you design the perfect system for what you’re looking to shoot and for your budget!

Side note – if you are looking for a bag to carry your camera gear or luggage for flying with it, def check out Atlas Packs and Think Tank. They’re both hands down the best bags I’ve ever used and they last forever . Plus if you click my links before you purchase, Think Tank will give you FREE shipping in the USA as well as a FREE GIFT!

Underwater photographer Jay Clue in Egypt. Photo by Kenzo Kiren