My Hammerhead Shot was chosen for the PADI AWARE 30 Year Anniversary Card!

Super stoked to announce that a great hammerhead photo of mine was chosen for the PADI AWARE 30 Years of Conservation certification card design. Any diver that takes a PADI certification course in 2023 or wants to get a new print of their certification card can choose this special design by making a small donation to help the incredible conservation work AWARE is doing to protect our oceans. Check out the video below to see when I first received the news that they chose my great hammerhead photo, or visit this link to learn more about the story behind the shot and why that specific shark is so special. And if you get one of them share it on Instagram or Facebook and tag me! Would love to see the cards out in the wild!

Every year voting takes place at PADI to sort through 100s of photos to see which shots will become the next special edition certification cards to support AWARE. When I first started learning photography a good friend and mentor of mine just had his photos chosen to be on a PADI card. It was super awesome to see, and all I kept thinking was one day I hope that I’m going to be that good! So having this come full circle 6 years later is just really incredible. But what makes it even more special is the shot is of one of my favorite animals and the first creature to ever spark my interest in the ocean, a Great Hammerhead shark. The shot was taken in Bimini, the Bahamas while leading Dive Ninja Expeditions‘  special Shark Science trip with Bimini Shark Lab and Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center.  Bimini Biological Field Station, better known as Shark Lab, has been at the forefront of shark research and conservation for decades. They’re a remarkable team made up of really passionate humans doing amazing work. I highly recommend checking them out and if you can, go adopt a shark to help them continue doing great research and conservation.

Much love ninjas!

PADI AWARE Great Hammerhead 30 Year Anniversary Certification Card with photo by Jay Clue