Big Whiskey’s is a smaller, but awesome, newer restaurant franchise based out of Springfield, MO. The team at Big Whiskey’s American Restaurant & Bar has been steadily growing their business for over a decade now with great results, so they’ve decided to take the next step into franchising. They approached us to analyze both their franchising and corporate restaurant websites to see why they weren’t ranking well at all in Google search results, as well as revise and update the pages of the current websites. After conducting our initial research we put a multifaceted Search Engine Optimization & Marketing plan into action for them. In a matter of only a couple months they are now ranking alongside or higher than some of the biggest restaurant names in the industry such as Chili’s, Friday’s, Outback, McDonalds, and many more. Interested in what SEO can do for your business’s online presence? Shoot us a message today!