Projects: New ‘Ask a Pro Photographer’ series with Scuba Diving Magazine

This week, I kicked off the new ‘Ask a Pro Photographer‘ column series at Scuba Diving Magazine. We’ve been building this project for a few months now, so I am super excited to be able to talk about it finally! If you haven’t seen the launch video yet, check it out on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Every month, we’ll be holding a session on Scuba Diving Magazine’s social media to answer your questions about photography, storytelling, and cinematography. If you want composition tips, to learn about camera gear, or even if you just want to finally put to rest if pineapple belongs on pizza – just send in your questions by commenting on the posts or visiting this link. Each month, we will pick our favorite question to answer properly in a full-length article on

For the first article, I answered a question from Kristin, Scuba Diving Magazine’s master content ninja, on one of my all-time favorite tips for getting the best shots underwater. You can check out the full article right here on their website, free of charge. We’ve already seen a bunch of great questions coming in and have been answering them on Instagram and Facebook stories. I can’t wait to see what other questions you ninjas come up with!

New Ask a Pro Photographer column with Scuba Diving Magazine and Jay Clue