Check out some of my shots in Scuba Diving Magazine’s July Issue!

July 2022’s issue of Scuba Diving Magazine has an awesome feature article by the incredible Allie Gillespie about the striped marlin of Bahia Magdalena. I was really amped to work with Scuba Diving Magazine again to shoot photos for this article – but was crazy excited to see that they chose one of my photos for the cover! Allie’s article is a great read and dives into some of  the current issues marlin are facing as well as the work being done to try to better protect & the research being done by scientists like Dr. Rogelio Armas and Sergio Briones. We also sat down during the project to talk about my ideas behind the Dive Ninja Expeditions ethos, sustainable eco tourism, and the importance of tourism operators working with marine researchers.  She’s a great writer and really captured the emotion of our time out there last autumn.

Here’s a little sneak peak:
“I come upon a bloody dance. The gray mackerel cloud twists up and down, changing shape like campfire smoke on a windy night to avoid the sea lions stalking their perimeter. Every few minutes, a circling sea lion juts into the mist. The fish contort around them, leaving only water between their teeth. The sea lion cyclones about before having another go, this time snagging a fish in an explosion of silver scales like the world’s saddest confetti.” -Allie Gillespie, Scuba Diving Magazine

I highly recommend checking out the full article in all it’s beautiful print glory, but you can also read it online by clicking here.  If you’d like to learn more about the striped marlin expeditions or experience it with your own eyes, check out Dive Ninja Expedition striped marlin expeditions running every autumn.

Jay Clue's photo on the cover of Scuba Diving Magazine's July 2022 Issue