Check out some of my shots in Oceanographic Magazine for World Whale Day

Oceanographic Magazine just published a great new article by the awesome Julie Anderson – PADI Global Brand Director and founder of Shark Angels marking World Whale Day. I’m super stoked to see the article features a few of my photos of humpbacks and sperm whales from around the world. I highly recommend giving it a read! It’s a great article that explores a few of the remarkable species of ocean titans and where you can see them both topside and underwater. It also touches on some of the really incredible reasons we should be working hard to try and protect whales around the globe. You can check it out by clicking here.

World Whale Day is celebrated the third Sunday of February every year.  It was originally created in 1980 by Greg Kauffman, founder of the Pacific Whale Foundation to honor the humpback whales that visit the waters around Maui every year.  The aim of creating the special holiday was to raise awareness around the ongoing threat of extinction faced by humpback whales. Since its creation the event has grown into an international holiday celebrated all around the world to help raise awareness for the conservation & protection of these magnificent creatures. Want to help out? There are lots of ways to get involved! You can join the Pacific Whale Foundation’s Run & Walk for Whales event, or link up with any of the NGOs around world holding special campaigns & events for World Whale Day. If you are in an area where you can see whales, why not get out on the water for a whale watching tour to experience them. Or help spread the word to your family and friends about why we whales are so important for our planet! Or if you’d like to learn more about whales you can contact Dive Ninja Expeditions to take a special PADI Whale Defender course – which is a course I created with Mario & Maru – 2 amazing whale scientists in Baja – that teaches you all about whales and whale conservation!

Diving with sleeping sperm whales off the coast of Dominica